Sophus Bresemann

In the early 1950’s the social-democratic trade union formed the “Committee for erecting a statue of Sophus Bresemann”.

The statue shows Sophus Bresemann, Nakskov’s first social-democratic mayor in the period 1914-1928.

Sophus Bresemann (14.11.1864 – 19.10.1945)

Originally educated as a cooper, Sophus Bresemann was a Danish editor and politician. Early last century he came to Nakskov from North Jutland where he had held a position as an editor of the North Jutland Workers’ Newspaper in Aalborg. In Nakskov he became the editor of Lolland-Falster Social-Democrat in 1901 – the newspaper which was later named “Ny Dag” (“New Day” in English). He held this position until 1919.

In 1905 he became a member of Nakskov city council, and in 1914 he became the first social-democratic mayor in Nakskov. He was particularly active in his endeavours to reform the social areas; health, care, housing, and education. With Bresemann as the driving force, by 1920 Nakskov had managed to introduce free doctor and dentist consultations for school children as well as a new hospital. (Source: Kraks Blå Bog, 1929).

You may notice how the brick in Bresemann’s right hand seems to be rising up – this upward movement makes the brickstone appear active and dynamic and may be seen as a symbol of Sophus Bresemann’s many visionary thoughts and ideas. In his left hand, the mayor is holding some construction drawings – a symbol of Sophus Bresemann’s active work as a building contractor.

The statue of Sophus Bresemann was unveiled on the International Workers’ Day, the 1st of May, 1952.