The Danish artist group “Ny Abstraktion” existed from 1976 to 1988. The group was founded by Finn Mickelborg, Torben Ebbesen, and Tonny Hørning. Under this name, they formed an experimental group with the aim of analyzing the concept of modulation within painting.

The three artists have carried out each a solo project as well as their joint project. The joint project decorates the entrance to the theatre and assembly hall.

Finn Mickelborg’s solo contributrion are painted works of stainless steel. He works with modulation, which means that one colour mixes smoothly into another colour or nuance.

Tonny Hørning has created five columns, placed in the square by section 2. The columns are made of different materials: solid oak, acrylic, iron, and stainless steel. ”A sitting sign” completes the corner of the square.

Torben Ebbesen works from a theory that culture is a result of nature. He illustrates this theory with symbols. His work is a prism with a surface of 12 m2 – it is situated in the square by the canteen.

The joint project, the entrance to the theatre and assembly hall, forms a monumental unit. This unit has clear references to historical ways of marking a central entrance. Formwise, the portal takes its starting point in this convention – that is, it marks a threshold in such a way that one feels a psychological impact when stepping over it. This threshold – from one thing into something else – had an almost ceremonial significance in ancient cultures.

The ornamentation was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Storstrøms Amt (County of Storstrøm).