• KIT KJÆRBYE (1955-)
  • ERECTED 2005
  • By the music house of Nakskov Gymnasium and HF, VUC, and the wing of Campus Nakskov

A temple gable in polished stainless steel shoots out of the ground, as a greeting from a past culture reaching into the present. A circle paved with cobblestone symbolizes a wheel of time which takes us from the ancient Greek cradle of culture and into the present.

Like the ancient Greek heroes, we are still boundary-seeking and drawn toward the exciting and unknown; a sculpture carved in black granite symbolizes this. On the other hand, a sculpture carved in green granite symbolizes the still valid classic beauty ideal, warmth, and closeness. The granite blocks in the area create coherence between the temple gable and the sculptures – and may be used to sit on.

The sculptural ensemble was supported by the four municipalities on West Lolland, Storstrøms Amt (County of Storstrøm), the financial institutions in Nakskov, and Nakskov Gymnasium and HF.