Victor Kvedéris attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1932 to 1939 as a pupil of Professor E. Utzon-Frank. He was born in Flensburg, Germany.
His principal work is the equestrian statue of King Christian X, placed in Axeltorv (Axel Square) in Nakskov.

The equestrian statue of King Christian X was revealed on the 5th of May 1952.

It was the first statue of Christian X to be erected in Denmark. The grocer Martin Ovesen took the initiative as he wanted a monument to commemorate the liberation of Denmark in May 1945.

Axeltorv is the central square of Nakskov. Probably the name of Axeltorv stems from the time when goods were brought to the square by horse carriage (and refers to the axles of the carriage).

Sources: J.Bek Petersen and T. Skotte Hammer

QUESTION: On one of the roofs at the square, grocer Theisen has put a number of doves. How many doves can you find?