• CARL BAGGER (1911-1974)
  • ERECTED 1966
  • Gåsetorvet (The Goose Square)

The sculpture is a fountain made in granite. Today ”The goose maid” is an integrated part of the Goose Square, which was completely renovated in 2014. During the renovation the archeologists found several records dating back to the year 1250.

The model for the goose maid was Eva, one of Nakskov’s pretty young women. Eva was a shop window dresser by education and worked for one of the leading women’s clothing shops in town. Also, Eva worked as a potter. Later Eva emigrated with her husband to Australia.

With master baker Folkman Skjødt at the head, the shopkeepers of Vejlegade organized a public fundraising to finance the fountain ”Gåsepigen”.

The origin of the name of the square (Goose Square) is unknown. The Hansa towns, which controlled the trade in the Baltic Sea in medieval times, had a goose in their flag and possibly had their booths on the Goose Square. Thus, the name may stem from there.