When you are driving or walking to Hestehovedet (the beach peninsula of Nakskov), we imagine that the future scenery to greet you will be a cluster of three giant parasol mushrooms nicely integrated in the landscape between beach and meadow. The giant mushrooms invite the visitor to stay and perhaps take shelter from the sun or rain and thus create a focal point and a contemplative space in the green area of Hestehovedet.

As a landmark in the green area between Nakskov Fjord Camping and Restaurant Fjorden, the mushrooms let the natural element and the artificial manmade object converge into playful expression. The mushrooms are airy pavilions, obviously inspired by real nature parasol mushrooms, but in much greater scale so that they invite people to enter the special space they create with their structure.

On the area between parking lot and bathing pier, the work of art is to be placed on the grass elevation stretching towards the beach and further into the open grass area upon which there is a playground. In the middle of the grass elevation we would like to place the highest parasol mushroom with a staircase leading to an observation deck. This is to be flanked by the two smaller parasol mushrooms which have an integrated bench and a table with sitting stumps.

From the three parasol mushrooms radiate smaller stumps in wood and concrete which in an organic way create a playground in continuation of the bigger works of art. From the road we wish to establish an axis towards the water with a view of the mushrooms as well as the sea. When you climb the stairs of the tallest mushroom, you will be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful inlet to one side and the spires and towers of Nakskov to the other.

The parasol mushrooms of Hestehovedet will be visible from afar when you approach the beach peninsula from the road side whereas seen from the water side, the mushrooms become part of the existing row of trees.

With its many possible functions, the work will amplify the use of the area. The playground combined with the mushrooms will be a place to meet and hang out for Nakskov citizens of all ages. Here you can play, have a picnic, enjoy the view, or simply take a break on your walk to contemplate the landscape. Taking its starting point in the unique qualities of Hestehovedet, the work of art seeks to connect with the town, with the landscape, and with the history of the place as a public meeting point.

Artists: Randi & Katrine aka Randi Jørgensen and Katrine Malinovsky.

The work of art will be financed by Ny Carlsberg Fondet (the New Carlsberg Foundation),
promoters: “Nu tæller kun handling“ (“Now only action counts”).